If you experience feelings of dread and abhorrence at the sight of Nosseir’s paintings and drawings, that’s perfectly normal. It’s all natural for you to be alarmed in front of strange things, that you fear to be evil and dangerous.

But, when you’ll be familiarized with these primordial creatures, your malaise will disappear. You’ll get accustomed to their looks ; because they see you.

Your initial repulsion vanishes. And, suddenly, all the dimensions of the sublime, which seemed to be excluded from those figures, appear.

If Nosseir revealed as beautiful and inspiring images you previously thought were horrible, it’s his victory.



Ahmed Nosseir (born 1957, Cairo) lives in Heliopolis. He studied at the Fine Arts school in Cairo and at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lived 10 years in Buenos-Aires, Argentina. Recent solo exhibitions include Tout à l’huile 2 at Sympa (Figeac), Peintures at Karim Francis (Cairo), A Retrospective ? at Nile Sunset Annex (Cairo). He took part in numerous group exhibitions since 1996, like at New Galerie, Paris; Skoto Gallery, New York; Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo. His works are part of the Museum of Modern Art collection, in Cairo.


Galerie Sympa

Galerie Karim Francis