born 1957 in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

lives & works in Heliopolis with oil pastels, crayons, oils, homemade thick cotton canvases and chassis, prepared papers, brushes, fingers, iPad, Cairo’ sun, dirt, dust, time and sand &&&

dropped out of the Police Academy
enrolled in the Fine Arts School of Alexandria, with Hamed Nada as teacher
Beaux-Arts de Paris, 2 years, Atelier Pierre Matthey
Buenos-Aires, 10 years and back to Heliopolis

no cigarettes, no alcohol, no drugs

recent solo exhibitions include Peintures at Karim Francis (Cairo) ; Apparitions at Eric de Laclos (Champagny), Tout à l’huile 2 at Galerie Sympa (Figeac); A Retrospective ? at Nile Sunset Annex (Cairo)

numerous group exhibitions since 1996, including Skoto Gallery‘s 30th anniversary show in New York, early 2022.



Heliopolis rooftop studio c.2017