Fennecs do shit all over the white desert

00. Is it ugly or beautiful ?

01. Utter nullity

 In the words of the ancient sages of ruined Ashenzhon, it was the endlessness that ends itself. Dark silence beyond sleep and time, from whose oceanic immensities some bedraggled speck of attention – pulled out, and turned – still dazed at the precipitous lip, catches a glimmer, as if some cryptic emergence from eclipse. Then a sound, crushed, stifle, broken into gasps. Something trying to scream…

02. Hoc opus, hic labor est

The artwork should be where the work is, isn’t it ? Only a lot of work makes art works, don’t you think ? Nosseir paints since 4 decades ; everyday, every medium, every formats. 

03. Behold

 I shew you a mystery ; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.

04. Documenting humanity

So we can stay human and die tryin’ !

05. Despite the pyres

The witches were looking forward to the terrors of their bloody sabbaths. They preferred crazy exaltations to a quiet and life-insured life. Anyway, no witches anymore ; but can we still figure out which is witch ? So better go back to paint.

06. Paint

Paint is the same as shit and dirt — just unruly filth that flows and stains. And finally, let’s all agree that the hapless drive to make art is drunken, humiliated, violent, sexual and infantile, perhaps tragic as well. A tragicomedy, a comedy-drama, pretty much like any good old song by Rammstein. 

07. Ancient Greeks

They only saw the exteriority of things; and that gave birth to esthetics. On the contrary, the Oriental is a born-philosopher, indifferent to form, and, for him, what matters above all is the thought he wants to express. Poor things !  In themselves they only are events that are monotonous or a little while. But does a thought endure ? 

08. Some thoughts on canvas

Conversations ; the throne ; the divan ; the exterminator ; fallen spirit ; fear over the city ; horsemen of the apocalypse ; the scream ; the wheel ; the bicycle ; totem ; candle holder ; clown ; sabbaths ; death and the maiden

09. The painter, the creatures, and the Father of Lies

And sooner than expected, Nosseir started to establish a chain of metaphors. And they flourish in infinite variations, contained in telluric works, spitting out spicy lava, terrorizing art critics, curators and other art professionals alike. 

10. Ahmed says

“Art is haram.” “I work from many years, I forgot why I paint ahahahah.” “I live in zombie land.”

11. Appearance and reality

Nosseir is taking imagination and reality at their face value, never at all sure, or for that matter concerned, which is which ; as he is a true naive.

12. The Painter and YouPorn

“His images are unapologetically sinister, much like a certain reality. Or, we could say, in reality, regrettably, but necessarily sinister, as beauty is.” dixit Elle Kurancid? But Beauty is dead, isn’t it ? Or is it God ? or both ? Fuck it, I am tired. 

13. James Ensor

Les Masques et la Mort, huile sur toile, 78 x 100 cm, 1897, Musée de Liège, Belgique

14. The dark heir

A critique of anthropomorphism, he stages a confrontation with that which lies beyond parochial human comprehension — death, for example, is smiling to you now ; a critique of anthropomorphism channeling the traumatic limits of human experience.

15. Apparition paintings

Term used to describe a certain type of ancient Chinese painting of the 12th and 13th centuries. In these works, often associated with Chan (Zen) teachings, the ink used to depict the subject was exceptionally pale, the background lacking in any detail. As Yukio Lippit has written : “This combination results in remarkably self-dissembling images that somehow compromise their own visibility. Apparition painting appears to capture its subjects in mid-fade, as if managing to preserve only a dimly translucent afterimage of a bygone entity.”

16. Child of Chaos

Tatterdemalion, rag, tag and bobtail, in his red, blue and green patches. Mercurial trickster, black-masked. Chameleon who takes on every colour. Aerial acrobat, jumping, dancing, turning somersaults. 

Many hued and wily/Changing his skin/Laughing his fingertips/Princes of thieves and cheats/Breath of fresh air. 

Doctor : And how did you manage to reach the moon ? 

Harlequin : Well… it was like this…

17. Stunning !