Ahmed Nosseir: Life, Death and a Retrospective

Turn power’s gloves inside out: Why are some bloodstained and bloody ? And why so many? 

Our ministries and industries are infested with the logic of “if it bleeds, it leads.” 

Aware, and in the company of ghosts who bled dry, Ahmed learns of their raging thirst for their denied tenderness, and later reaches out to the living through his paintings. 

“I like to destroy my works,” he sarcastically muttered after swinging his leg at one murky scene that was tumbling down the easel. Perhaps these works destroy him too. Every last line is a shard of him. 

In other words, as our friend Amr once said, “It’s so messy at the moment […] it’s easy to lose track and adapt to more comfortable realities.”

Uncomfortable shifts in focus—for instance, from profits and violence to people and accountability—could entrench our power structures in tenderness.  All together and together for all.

written on the occasion of his come back solo show at Nile Sunset Annex, Garden City, Cairo

February, 27 – April, 2, 2016